Prozero 15m 12 PAX ARCTIC Workboat


ProZero proudly introduces the 15m FR Workboat, a remarkable vessel poised to redefine Arctic maritime capabilities. Crafted to and in close collaboration with Disko Line A/S, Ilulissat, Greenland, this exceptional workboat is primed to revolutionize passenger transportation and maritime operations in Greenlandic waters.

Built on Tuco Marine’s visionary ProZero workboat concept, the ProZero 15m FR Workboat is a fusion of cutting-edge technology and purposeful design. Built to address the unique demands of Arctic navigation, this vessel signifies the synergy between advanced engineering and practical functionality.

The core of the ProZero 15m FR Workboat’s design is centered around exceptional comfort and top-tier performance. The vessel is meticulously structured to accommodate 12 passengers in an environment of optimum comfort, along with a dedicated helmsman and crew member. Its hull is a testament to ingenuity, seamlessly balancing the need for low resistance to enhance fuel efficiency while ensuring a comfortable voyage even amidst challenging conditions.

Enhanced with dual Z-drives and featuring a deep V-hull configuration, the vessel offers an unrivaled level of comfort even in inclement weather. This design ethos guarantees swift and efficient transportation even under the most demanding circumstances, allowing for sustained operations over extended periods.

Prepared to embrace future hybrid operations, the ProZero 15m FR Workboat is equipped with a suite of advanced features. These include heated windows, a satellite compass, and specialized tank systems. Additional enhancements, such as heated railkings, upgraded interior heating systems, and roof rails for equipment attachment, epitomize the vessel’s versatility and adaptability.

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2023 |5000-05-19-4
Length overall:
14,99 m
Beam overall:
3,70 m
Draft (full load):
0,75 m
2 x Inboard Diesel