Extreme Fuel efficiency, + 35 kts and short delivery time

The ProZero 18m Patrol is built by using ASV (Air Supported Vessel) technology, where minimizing hull resistance is the key ingredient. By activating the ASV technology, approximately 70% of the overall weight of the vessel will be supported on a cushion of pressurized air.

This ensures a higher top speed and lowers the fuel consumption. The 18m ASV Survey and Patrolboat is part of the ProZero range and features a flexibly attached cabin, reducing both noise and vibrations from hull and engines. The design of the ProZero cabin ensure a huge amount of daylight, and the improve the personal comfort.

Learn more of the technology in the below introductions video

ProZero 18m Patrol and Survey ASV - The Ultimate +35 kts fast Patrol and Survey boat

The boat is made of carbonfiber as a sandwich construction with PVC core material. This core material act as a natural buoyancy reserve material, due to its lightweight and zero water-absorption. Moreover, the sandwich construction avoids the use of internal stiffeners, increasing the usable internal space and offers natural insulation capability, improving the comfort in the cabin and manned compartments.

Why composites are the safer choice

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