ProZero 18m ASV - WORKBOAT


Introducing the ProZero 18m ASV Workboat – the perfect vessel for efficient and effective operations on the water this vessel features the latest Air Assisted Vessel technology, in collaboration with technology Partner SES-X of Norway providing maximum speed of + 30 kt and a cruise speed of +20 kt. At unmatched fuel efficiency.

Designed to meet the requirements of competent authorities, the ProZero 18m ASV Workboat boasts a redundant propulsion and hydraulic system, ensuring reliability and safety. The boat is constructed with a combination of glass and carbon fibre as sandwich construction with PVC as core material, providing natural buoyancy reserve and insulation capabilities, resulting in increased usable internal space and improved comfort in the cabin and manned compartments.

Equipped with a hard rubber D-profile fender, forming a double line on the boat’s sides and transom, and a single line on the bow, the ProZero 18m Workboat also features protection underwater on the starboard side to protect the hull during work on the fishfarm rings.

With a self-bailing deck and cabin, a large working aft deck, and a forecastle for main deck weather protection, this workboat is built to withstand even the toughest conditions. It also features a hydraulic knuckle crane, hydraulic capstans in the starboard side, door openings with a ladder to waterline in the sb side, 8 mooring cleats, and black anodized aluminum railings.

The cabin and superstructure of the ProZero 18m ASV Workboat offer comfort and convenience with two cabins, a toilet with WC and washbasin, a changing room, a pantry with a sink, fridge and microwave, and a mess area for 4 persons. There are also 2 pilot comfort seats, LED lights in the cabin and cockpit, and comfort insulation in the cabin.

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2017 | 5000-07-13
Length overall:
17.70 m
Beam overall:
5.27 m
Draft (full load):
1.31 m
2x Inboard Diesel Engines


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