18m ASV Inspection and PATROL vessel


Introducing the ProZero 18m Inspection and Patrol Vessel – a state-of-the-art workboat built to exceed all expectations. Designed to meet relevant regulatory standards and built with patented ASV technology, this vessel boasts extremely low fuel consumption rates, making it an eco-friendly option for those looking to minimize their carbon footprint.

The ProZero 18m Inspection and Patrol Vessel’s carbon fiber construction, with a PVC core material, not only provides additional buoyancy but also offers natural insulation and antivibration capabilities, improving comfort in the cabin and manned compartments.

With a maximum speed of over 25 knots and a cruise speed of 19 knots, this vessel can cover vast distances with ease. Large tank capacities ensures that inspections and patrol missions can be carried out without the need for frequent refueling.

The vessel’s stepped deck with two levels, main deck, and aft working deck – provides ample space for work and storage. Its anti-skid surface finishing ensures safety while working, and the self-bailing decks make cleaning a breeze. With six mooring cleats and black aluminum railings, this vessel is equipped to handle even the roughest seas.

The cabin and cockpit of the ProZero 18m Inspection and Patrol Vessel provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience. With comfort seats for the crew and inspectors, the cabin is connected to the hull with anti-vibration supports that reduce noise levels. The cabin also boasts a chart table behind the steering console with a lamp with white and red light, a weathertight door leading to the wheelhouse, and an adjacent communication equipment with an external antenna mounted on the roof. The cockpit has a changing room in the aft of the cabin with a washbasin, washing machine with dryer function, and cabinets for storing equipment.

Equipped with a hydraulic marine crane with a winch and a power block with sheave and warping head for hauling, this vessel is well-suited for any mission. It also has a hydraulic anchor winch, a flushing outlet with quick coupling, and a raised transfer platform on the main deck aft starboard side built in black anodized aluminum.

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2017 | 5000-07-09
Length overall:
18.90 m
Beam overall:
5.20 m
Draft (full load):
1.2 m
2x Inboard Diesel Engines


11M DC-Transport boat
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