16m patrol boat


 The ProZero 16m Patrol is designed to accommodate law enforcement specialists, crews and interception teams, and the latest equipment in addition to a dedicated helmsman and crewmember. The hull has been specially adapted to address two challenges that are hard to solve at once: on the one hand the low drag in order to be reach high speeds and minimize fuel consumptions, and on the other hand antiroll and great course stability preforming high speed missions. The standard boat is equipped with Z-drives and the deep V-hull makes it highly agile and seaworthy. But the 16m Patrol Boat can be supplied with a variety of propulsion systems such as IPS, Waterjets or surface drives. The design enables fast missions also under challenging weather conditions. The efficient design further supports extensive operations over larger time slots.

The advanced onboard equipment includes high-tech communication, weapons locker, dedicated office space for interrogations and stretcher positions for injured persons. The ProZero 16m boat can as well be built to offer an exclusive track mounting system which allows the operator to rapidly configure the deck to accommodate a variety of extra equipment, weapons and other mission-specific payloads.

 The ProZero boats are built from light weigh materials which ensure low weight, high fuel efficiency and low emission of greenhouse gasses. Additionally, the need for maintenance is minimized. Thanks to the low weight and the ProZero hull profile, the boat is capable of reaching high speeds under full loading conditions.

The cabin has been designed with acute attention to ergonomics and working environment. The cabin is insulated to ensure high comfort and easy communication under all operating conditions, and the layout has been developed with the purpose of facilitating good workflow coordination, not only during the interceptions or boarding’s, but also during transport to and from the target sites. The cockpit layout is arranged to maximize the use of state-of-the-art operations management and situational awareness electronic aids.

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2020 | 5000-05-24
Length overall, approx:
15.9 m
Beam overall, approx:
4.53 m
14 Persons
2 x 440hp Inboard Diesel


11M DC-Transport boat